This Self-Love Sunday I’m worn out.

I’m sad, overwhelmed and anxious.

Today I feel human, I feel fallible and weak.

But despite all of the negative emotions and fears I’m carrying, gratitude is present, joy is present and I’m making space for peace.

For years, my bad days turned into bad weeks which turned into bad months.

It took being at the bottom, in the darkest pit of depression for months for me to realize I never wanted to visit that space again.

I know this blog can sometimes give off “feel good”, “everything will be alright” messages but at the root of it all, I always want to share the practicality behind my present love for life.

Living in fear, lack of love, depression, anxiety and self-loathing for so long has made me appreciate the moments of physical and mental clarity I can achieve much quicker now.

Healing is the most difficult journey I’ve experienced but it wouldn’t have been possible without the original recognition that I was deserving of love.

Love has a ripple effect and to paraphrase from Osho in “Love, Freedom, Aloneness”, when you begin to love yourself, you become light and you are able to share that light with everyone around you.

Am I perfect? Absolutely not. If anything, the more I learn to love myself the more I understand my flaws and imperfections as my ego diminishes.

On this Self-Love Sunday, if I could leave you with one thing it would be the following:

Heal. Heal for you. Heal for those who weren’t able or willing to heal before you. Heal for those who will be impacted by your light instead of hurt by your wounds. Heal for the people you love. Heal for the people you don’t even know. And all the while, be kind and gentle with yourself.

Happy Self-Love Sunday Everyone

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