Love, Freedom, Aloneness

It’s Self-Love Sunday! My favorite day of the week!

This past week has been a lot for me so as I process a ton of emotions, I want to share this short and sweet post today.

On this Self-Love Sunday, I hope you feel loved, cherished and worthy.

Let’s start with some affirmations:

  1. Today I affirm that there are doors opening up for me
  2. Today I affirm that all that I desire can and will be mine, if it is in my best interest
  3. Today I affirm that I have many reasons to be happy about the life I live

I am currently reading “Love, Freedom, Aloneness the Koan of Relationships” by Osho and I’d love to share a few of my favorite quotes from what I’ve read so far. A lot of the sentiments within this book point directly to what I’ve been feeling for a while. My Self-Love journey has asked me to feed my mind in new ways and it’s been a beautiful experience. I take everything I read with a grain of salt, taking what I need and leaving what I don’t. I will share some of the words that resonate with me from the first four chapters. I hope you can resonate with these words and take from them what you need and potentially be encouraged to read this book yourself. Finally, it is important to note that the first four chapters are subsections of part 1 which is titled “love”. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Lovey Dovey

“Love never waits to be rewarded, even to be thanked. If the thankfulness comes from the other side, love is always surprised–it is a pleasant surprise, because there was no expectation”

Chapter 2: Real and Unreal–The First Step

“…if a man cannot love himself he cannot love anybody else, either”

“A man who loves himself finds that there is no ego in him”

“A man who loves himself takes the first step toward real love. It is like throwing a pebble into a silent lake: The first, circular ripples will arise around the pebble. very close to the pebble-naturally, where else can they arise?”

“…Love is such a light that the darkness of the ego cannot exist in it at all. If you love others, if your love is focused on others, you will live in darkness. Turn your light toward yourself first, become a light unto yourself first. Let the light dispel your inner darkness, your inner weakness”

Chapter 3: The Virtues of Selfishness

“Teach everybody to be selfish–unselfishness grows out of it. Unselfishness is, ultimately selfishness–it may look unselfish in the beginning but finally it fulfills you. And then the happiness can be multiplied: As many as are people around you that are happy, that much happiness goes on falling on you. You can become superbly happy. And a happy person is so happy, he wants to be left alone to be happy. He wants his own privacy to be preserved. He wants to live with the flowers and the poetry and the music. Why should he bother to go to wars, be killed and kill others? Why should he be murderous and suicidal? Only unselfish people can do that, because they have never known the bliss that is possible to them. They have never had any experience of what it is to be, what it is to celebrate. They have never danced, they have never breathed life. They have not known any divine glimpse; all those glimpses come from deep happiness, from deep satiety, contentment.”

Chapter 4: Attached to Nothing

“If you love yourself you will create a garden around yourself.”

“…self-love does not mean egotistical pride, not at all. In fact, it means just the opposite. The person who loves himself finds there is no self in him….love always melts the self”

“If you love yourself you will be surprised—self-love means self disappears.”

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone! Have an amazing week!

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