The Introvert’s Escape Maneuver

A safe space for learning, loving and growing

The Introvert’s Escape Maneuver is my “excuse me” every time I leave a room because my social battery is dead. It is my premature “it was great seeing you again”. It is my awkward smile every time I don’t know what to say or how to handle the situation at hand. It is my response every time someone asks a question like “are you always this quiet?” or “do you act like this around your friends?”

The Introvert’s Escape Maneuver is my way of acknowledging that I am on a journey to master the art of being charming, confident, and graceful—at the same time. Life is a journey and I’m excited to experience progress and growth. So here we are at the cusp of a new stage in my life. I’m excited and more than anything I want to share this with anyone who will come along with me.

Birthed in May of 2018, this platform has been a safe space to share my journey through self-love, self-discovery and introspection. Join me for Self-Love Sundays as I explore unhealthy habits, traits, healing and trauma and join me for Free-Thinking Fridays as I share short stories, poems and prose.

Over the years I’ve experienced love, loss, joy, growth and exploration. I’ve grown as a person and this space has been the perfect way to document all that has been and all that will be.

The goal of this space is to serve as a springboard for my creative journey and a source of positivity and encouragement for others. Come along with me! Let’s laugh, cry, grow and learn together!

When tears transition from mourning to cleansing, I stand back, amused, proud, grateful for my strength, my fortitude, my ability to make skyscrapers out of rubble.

A city sitting on the ashes of painful memories, the ground whispering tales of sadness and despair but above it all, I rise.

Watch me stand tall above every moment that would’ve and could’ve killed me.

The Great Chicago Fire = My Last Relationship

No matter how you show up in this moment, know that you are worthy of love, happiness, joy and acceptance.

From Self-Loathing to Self-Love

1. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

2. Your healing is worth the difficulty.

3. Prioritizing your peace does not require apology

I’m Tired Today