From Self-Loathing to Self-Love

Happy Self-Love Sunday worthy individual!

No matter how you show up in this moment, know that you are worthy of love, happiness, joy and acceptance.

Today, I want to start with an extremely honest and vulnerable statement. For the majority of my existence I hated myself. I hated myself so I assumed other people hated me. I hated myself so I hated others in the same exact way. I hated how I looked, talked, acted; essentially I hated most of what made me who I am. I utterly hated myself.

I disguised this hatred as boastful confidence (sometimes arrogance), focus in school and placing my worth in my ability to follow a set of rules I created for myself as a child.

I met people & I knew I disliked them the very moment I read their energy and could never pinpoint why. The truth is, they were being used as a mirror and I was seeing the parts of me that I disliked.

As a 24 year old woman, I am able to see that though this self-love journey started as a way to heal from a traumatic breakup, all that I have gained is absolutely immeasurable. The day I started this blog and declared Sunday’s “Self-Love Sunday”, is the day I began the most important journey I’ve ever embarked on.

My whole life, I’ve been taught the ideology, “you do not deserve” “you are not worthy” “you should be dead” without knowing that these words were speaking negativity over a child who already hated herself deeply.

By learning to love myself, doing very hard and difficult work on my own and going within myself to find the beauty that has always been there, I have uncovered the most amazing truths about life and who I am.

If you’re on the fence about healing, discovering yourself, questioning your ideologies or learning to love yourself, I admonish you to ask yourself, why not?, what do you lose by loving yourself more? What do you lose by being an adult and healing from the trauma others have left you with? What is there to lose when there are immeasurable things to gain?

3 thoughts on “From Self-Loathing to Self-Love

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much for reading. I have actually started incorporating self-care into my daily life. I wake up early to journal and meditate, I workout, I take long showers where I listen to affirmations, I limit my social media intake and read daily. I just do things that make me feel good holistically.

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