You are Seen

I do not fault you for where you stand.

At times I will misinterpret your cries of pain for things more palatable.

That is when my ‘human’ and ‘selfish’ escape my desire to outgrow them.

I do not blame you for the moments when your pain is all you can feel and every person around you is simply an obstacle on your quest to ease the hurt.

I am trying to find ways to not take it personal when your hurt shapes the way you speak to me or about me.

Your generalizations about men and women are only offensive when I forget about your hurt.

Full disclosure, from where I’m standing, I see your pain. I see the sadness in your eyes. I hear the defiance in your speech. You are surviving. But you are also bleeding.

You’re bleeding all over your friends. You’re bleeding all over yourself. You’re bleeding all over anyone who comes in contact with you.

Some don’t understand and assume things you and I both know aren’t true. But they don’t know any better. Most people can’t see the pain you do your best to hide each day.

My only suggestion is to love the parts of you that may not be whole. Be patient with the wounds that have yet to heal and give yourself the kindness you often show others.

Remember, I see you and I don’t blame you for where you’re standing.

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