Some days I forget how far I’ve come,

I wake, dress myself in insecurities and avoid the mirror like my life depends on it.

I spend the day running from responsibilities that may remind me of my imperfections and instead I wallow in self-pity.

On days when my ego plays hide and go seek behind my inner critic, I forget how affirmations feel on my lips. I forget praise & I forget positivity.

I remind myself of all the mistakes and never the victories. I forget to forgive and I carry all the blame I can find.

On days when self sabotage encircles my body and fills my mind with negativity I feel more alone than loved.

When self-doubt tells me what I can & can’t do and mustering the courage to fight back feels impossible, I am reminded of the importance of self love

Self love and self care go hand and hand but when it’s hard to make my feet carry me away from my darkest thoughts in the comfort of my own bed, self care does not live here.

Self love is the reminder that my mistakes do not define me. It is the alarm clock that wakes me from the darkest moments my mind carries me into. Self love is an awareness that affirmations and positive thinking save me when self care feels out of reach.

I cannot take care of someone I do not value. I cannot shower her with rose petals, face masks, new books, naps, warm tea and moments of silence if I have not already determined she is worthy of such things.

On the days when I forgot how worthy of love I truly am, I must dig deep within myself and find the words, the truth, my truth that remind me that I am worthy of the love I so freely give to others.

Happy Self-Love Sunday. Have an amazing week

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