Happy Self-Love Sunday worthy individual!!

Today’s post is important to me because the topic of acceptance has shaped my journey through Self-Love.

At the beginning of my journey, I was in constant search for ways to become a better person & that looked a lot like searching for flaws then working hard to work through & correct them.

That process left me feeling emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed. Often, I blamed myself for past mistakes and beat myself up for establishing unhealthy coping mechanisms. However, this negative approach was ultimately curbed by acceptance.

Acceptance, in my Self-Love journey, feels a lot like waking up each day with a gratitude for who I am and where I am in the journey.

I had to forgive myself for past mistakes once I realized that it’s unfair to judge myself for making the decisions I did based off the knowledge I now have. Yesterday’s mistakes were made based on yesterday’s knowledge. Once I accepted this, forgiveness became easier and so did moving forward.

Acceptance can also look like remembering painful experiences and accepting that they happened to you. Acceptance often happens before forgiveness, it is the opportunity for us to look back and say “yes that happened”, which is often easier said than done but it’s sooooo important. Sometimes we have to look back and say “yes that did happen but there’s nothing I did to warrant it” or “yes that did happen and I made a mistake but I will do better in the future”

Acceptance asks that I give grace to myself each day. I have to wake up each morning accepting who I am each day while doing my best to find a way to work with what I have.

Acceptance, in my experience, becomes easier once you realize that it’s all part of the journey. The sadness you feel today may not make its way into tomorrow so accept it for what it is, work with what you have and afford yourself the grace you so desperately deserve.

It became easier for me to accept difficult seasons once I realized that acceptance is healthier and better for me than rejecting my current experience and trying to fight it. Some things only shift with time so if I’m constantly fighting my current experience, I could end up missing the good that’s right in front of me.

Acceptance allowed me to make the most of the past few months in quarantine. I approached most days (not all, I’m human so I’m not perfect) with an openness. I learned to give myself the space to ebb and flow. Some days I tackled 15 tasks and some days I spent the entire day in bed so accepting myself, listening to my body and determining my needs allowed the additional grace I needed during quarantine.

Practically, adding acceptance into your Self-Love journey can look a lot like doing the following

1. Being kind to yourself each day (accept that only robots duplicate tasks without flaw and you aren’t meant to operate in that way)

2. Forgiving yourself for past mistakes (accept that your experiences happened and all that you can do now is control how you respond to what is in front of you now)

3. Making decisions with an awareness that you are deserving of good thing (accept that the “bad” that comes your way does not determine your worth)

This list isn’t exhaustive by any means but it’s definitely a good place to start when learning how to practice acceptance in your everyday life and your Self-Love journey.

Have a great day and a great week everyone!

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