Dear Baby Boomers,

I decided to write a poem to the generation who raised their daughters to expect more while simultaneously raising their sons to do less.

Maybe I’m writing this because I don’t understand your goals.

Perhaps you never meant for this to happen.

I will say, in your defense, it is very difficult to see the end while in the midst of the beginning.

I assume you never expected this to happen.

Perhaps you never saw yourself living in a world that looks like this.

But here we are, living in a world where women are shamed for doing more, doing less, expecting more and expecting less.

As a 20-something, I’m ashamed to list those things I must unlearn.

As hurt as I am, I do, however, understand your predicament.

Your upbringing wasn’t perfect and those who raised you sought to escape the issues that plagued their generation.

Your parents created the atmosphere in which you were raised and thus the cycle continued.

I’m sure that in 30 years, I’ll be reading a poem about how I failed my children.

I hope I greet this realization with humility and a readiness to apologize and learn,

Heart wide open, ready to do better.

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