A Note for June

Prompt: Patience

Patience is a virtue. Patience is something I’m learning. Patience is difficult in a fast-paced world. Patience is made even more difficult after spending 8+ months with the same people. Patience reminds me I have no control over my future. Patience asks me to accept what I can’t control and approach uncertainty with it. Patience is a virtue but patience is difficult.

Today I couldn’t find words to share on this platform but was reminded that I neglected to share the prompt for the month of June. This error, on my part, has allowed me the space to share on this platform today without having to rack my brain for words. Amid the chaos in my body and mind, I am grateful this month’s prompt is patience. I am afforded the unique opportunity to stare at the words I wrote back in December and remember how beautiful patience is. Today I will be patient with myself. Today I will be patient with my journey.

What does the word patience mean to you? Where does this prompt meet you today?

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