The After

Each dawn she rises like shattered glass.

Broken pieces warping her present and past, tainted with an inexplicable sorrow.

With chains tied around her ankles she exists in a state of hazy distraction.

Heavy hearted, she dreads each morning’s sunlight; moreover, she fears what awaits her when she closes her eyes each night.

Your memory paints a picture too beautiful not to mourn, each night in her dreams.

She awakes with tear stained pillows and heavy eyelids.

This is the after.

This is sadness she’ll endure anything to prevent.

You are stronger than she, for you knew when to walk away.

I thank you for your valiant decisions.

She spent months trying to find your heart, the one she fell in love with, the one that left so long ago.

Even still, she knew she’d never leave, not as long as you still had breath in your body.

She wishes you well & prays you find peace in knowing that she will be okay. She and I, will find a way to exist in the after.

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