I Need This Message

Happy Self-Love Sunday!

Let’s start with affirmations.

1. You are worthy

2. You are enough

3. Everything that’s meant to be yours will come to you in it’s due time.

Today, I’m sharing the message I need to read this week:

Wherever you are, whatever you’re experiencing, I want you to know that you are closer to who you’re meant to be than ever before. What may feel like a relapse, a detour or a misstep does not determine your final destination. Mistakes don’t determine worthiness. You are worthy despite. Dare I say, you are even worthy because of. There have been times during my journey when I placed all of my hope, energy and expectations in one person, one relationship or one experience. So when these things did not work out the way I planned, I felt like a failure.

It took me a while to get out of this mindset but through my journey, I’m learning that if I trust that all things happen for a reason then I have to view these experiences in a different light. Perhaps, the mistakes had to be made in order for a lesson to be learned in this season that will

1. Propel me to greater relationships and experiences.


2. Teach me a lesson that will be beneficial for my growth and my future experiences.

Maybe if I were to experience the same hurt, loss and unhappiness that the mistakes led me to when I had far more to lose, I’d end up in a worse position than the one I was so ashamed of in the first place.

Maybe I’m meant to experience these mistakes at a young age so I’ll be more aware of the red flags of impending danger and destruction when I’m older.

Maybe these “mistakes” are preparing me for a better future and teaching me the lessons I wouldn’t be able to learn any other way.

Wherever you are in this journey of life, take a moment to appreciate the mistakes that shaped you into who you are. There are just some experiences that you would’ve never been able to resonate with if it wasn’t for the hurt and loss that you’ve experienced. Today, acknowledge that you don’t have to fully understand why something happened in order to grow from it.

I’ve found myself spending a lot of energy on anger, hurt and resentment & I can promise you today that when that same energy is dedicated to learning, growing, forgiving and healing you see a completely different end result. Sometimes anger is the easiest reaction initially but it’s far more damaging in the long run.

I like to visualize bitterness, anger and resentment in this way:

Image you’re holding on tight to a yarn rope, on the other end of the rope is the experience or mistake that still weighs you down. Immediately after the experience, out of habit, you reach down and pick up the rope because this feels like the obvious thing to do. Months later, you’ve developed a limp from dragging around this weight. Years later, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to not have this weight with you. One day, you decide it isn’t worthy of your energy anymore and you begin the process of letting go. When you let go, your hands are aching and disfigured & your palms are bloody and bruised…thus begins the healing process.

I’ve been on this Self-Love Journey for approximately 2.5 years now. It isn’t getting any easier but I am becoming far more aware of myself, my habits, my insecurities and my deficiencies. Today, I’m focusing my energy on reclassifying the experiences that made me bitter and angry. I’m allowing these experiences to teach me about myself (which is VERY difficult, it’s far easier to just blame everyone else or justify your actions to the point where you ignore all responsibility). I can’t promise Self-Love is as simple as it may have initially seemed but I can promise it’s a worthy endeavor.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone! Have a great day, you deserve it!

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