What Xmas Means to Me

Happy Free-Thinking Friday! This holiday season, I’m approaching each day with a renewed sense of gratitude. My brother has been in Italy studying abroad since September and he’s finally home again. His safe travel to and from various European countries is a massive blessing. My paternal grandmother is almost 100 years old and her life is a massive blessing.

Though, Christmas doesn’t feel as magical as it did when I was younger before my grandfather passed it’s taken on a new life. Christmas through the eyes of a 20-something year old who can’t afford to shower her family with gifts leaves a lot of room for the re-evaluation of priorities. I’m realizing that quality time with those you love and cherish should and could have far more weight than any materialistic gift. The gifts of time, love and communion are the only things I’m looking forward to this year. People are stripped of the air from their bodies every single day. Cherishing these entities allows me to have a renewed sense of gratitude and fulfillment this holiday season.

Happy Free-Thinking Friday! Have an amazing day!

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