Happy Self-Love Sunday!

Let’s talk about ENERGY!

I have always gravitated towards the concepts of protecting one’s energy and ensuring that the universe is constantly in equilibrium.

“What you give, the universe returns”

“Every action has an opposite and equal reaction”

“Light drives out darkness”

I also believe that the energy you surround yourself with helps define your outlook.

If you surround yourself with negativity, you will find that you’re more prone to negative thoughts and actions.

If you allow negative energy into your space, it pollutes your environment.

I was always taught to leave a space I inhabit better than it was before I arrived.

I try to apply this thinking to every area of my life.

I’m fully aware that this concept is much easier in theory than in application.

But I’ve found that the easiest way to make myself happy is to filter and understand the energy I allow into my space.

My first year in undergrad, I was having a conversation with the Resident Assistant of my dorm wing and she said something along the lines of “Are you making any new friends?” After I responded dismissively, my  RA began to pry about why I wasn’t invested in searching for new friends/experiences so I sat back on my bed, crossed my arms and jokingly responded “I don’t like people.”

What she said next shocked me and I still remember how it made me feel.

She said “I don’t think that’s it. I think you’re just very picky about who you allow into your space”

I sighed and wondered how she read me so well.

In that moment I realized that energy is more than just a “give and take” interaction.

Energy is transferred without our knowledge.

Being around someone who constantly speaks negatively can shift your perspective in an unforgiving way.

Energy is constantly controlling how we do and see things.

I’m fully aware that sometimes I’m the bad and not the good

And I’ve noticed that when my energy is spent on negativity, I don’t have much left for positivity

I’ve noticed that I can’t be “friends” with everybody because not everybody has the type of energy I’m willing to be around.

Negativity isn’t only directly speaking down on people or ideas.

Negativity exists in the space you leave between support and opposition.

Negativity is not being able to apologize for your ill-mannered actions.

Your energy is so important that you have to define what you will and will not allow.

I genuinely believe that if you aren’t paying attention to what and who you allow into your space, you can be inadvertently polluting your space.

Create a wall, a lipid bi-layer if you will. Allow it to filter what you allow into your universe. Just as the lipid bi-layer determines what gets into and out of a cell. Your mental, physical and emotional stability matters more than anything else in the world.

Love yourself enough to take time determine whether your energy deserves this argument or if your energy can handle that relationship.

If every time you’re around someone or doing something, you notice that you’re drained or overwhelmed…take the time to ask yourself if you’re willing to sacrifice your own well-being for that thing or person.

The discernment is all yours because the only person truly affected by your energy is YOU.

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