Make Art Pieces With Your Pain -Malanda Jean-Claude

Happy Free-Thinking Friday

I wanted to share these words to remind you that your journey is your own and it is uniquely beautiful. Don’t fear where you are in the journey but be grateful for the lessons you can learn. Today I’m sharing a look inside my journey…

Using your pain to make art is exhausting.

It is beautiful.

It is cathartic.

It is necessary.

It’s disappointing when it feels that the only time I’m inspired is when I’m feeling intense negative emotions.

I used to use my desire to “make art pieces” as a ruler for how much I loved someone. It took me years to realize that pain and love are not synonymous.

My most beautiful poems were born during moments of pain. Break-ups, deaths, depression.

Triggering events lead me to the most powerful flow of words.

Honestly, I’m just  now learning why I only thought I loved those who caused me the most pain.

Last year, I purchased a t-shirt from one of my favorite poets, Malanda Jean-Claude.

The front reads

“Make Art Pieces with Your Pain”

and the back reads

“Art is a product of pain. The ugly process of eluded thoughts alleviate the pressure of not being enough. Art is the constant search for what is and what isn’t. It is human nature to exist between ignorance and not knowing. We hurt more than we like to show. We are all empty. We are all nauseous. We are all equal. This is how we vomit. We dig to find ourselves and in turn save others from their plague too. Although emotions can breed agony — art is a bridge to understanding that martyrs do not have to die. Protect your voice at all cost. Your intensity matters here too.”

I’m grateful for all that art has taught me about myself and the world around me. I’m also grateful for all of the creatives who inspire me to do and be better. I highly recommend the book, “Because of a Woman” by Malanda Jean-Claude, it’s amazing, eye-opening and it’s definitely a good read. For anyone who has ever loved, is open to knowing and accepting love, has been hurt by love or is simply just learning to love themself….this book will resonate with you. I’m recommending this book because on this platform I want to spread positivity and growth and the moments I spent reading and re-reading “Because of a Woman” created a great foundation for growth. The first time I thought I was in love, I gave my significant other this book and told him that if he wanted to know my heart all he had to do was read the words on the pages of Malanda Jean-Claude’s masterpiece.

I’m still learning how to say “I love you” with my own words and actions but I admonish you today, don’t be afraid to make art pieces with your pain.

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself!!

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