Day 8,034

It’s Day 8,034 on this planet. I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I’ve questioned my entire existence and found and re-found myself a million times. It’s day 8,034 and I can define pain using a plethora of words but I still choose not to use them when I should. I am learning more and more about myself every single day. It’s hour 192,816 and I’m not concerned with what I’ve done with the hours I’ve been given. I’ve grown out of pressuring myself into producing tangible results. Sometimes growth is silent…sometimes you never know how far you’ve travelled because you don’t care to turn around and look back. I’ve redefined darkness and shifted light. I’ve dreamed and crushed dreams. Been bullied and bully. I’ve seen my own insecurities played out in the lives of those around me. Its minute 11,568,960 and I’m okay with imperfection. Every 11:11, I used to pray for “perfection” because that’s what I thought fairy-tales were made from but acne, braces and dark-knees were never idealized so I always sank back into myself, waiting for the day when caterpillar becomes butterfly or phoenix rises from the ashes. I’ve always been a dreamer and on this day I’m grateful for the ones who have kissed my forehead and promised to protect me as I chase my rainbows. Thank you to every one who let me down and taught me about my inability to trust. I believe the universe gives back everything you give it so I don’t litter. It’s day 8,034, hour 192,816 and minute 11,568,960 and I love who I am because I know tomorrow I’ll work on the mistakes that I made today. I will constantly improve myself and strive to be a better person each and every day. Some didn’t make it to this day…I’ll live for those who weren’t able to…trees cut down before roots could be firmly planted.

I know myself better than I did last year and I’ve found beauty in my many flaws. I’m in a better place than I was last year. With each passing year I just seek to become my best self.

It’s day 8,034 on planet earth and despite it’s flaw…there’s beauty here and seeking after it has been my greatest joy.

One thought on “Day 8,034

  1. HBD my beautiful princess! So blessed and thankful for you and that you continue to teach me more about life and who I am each and every day. I truly love you more…

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