Uninspired and Broke

Welcome to this season of my life where I hold everyone (myself included) to impossible standards. I’m so stuck in my ways that even my poetry feels monotonous. My creative process lacks creativity. I find myself against walls of my own creation. I call this season “uninspired and broke” because, as you may have guessed, I am both uninspired and broke. I believe in persistence and perseverance and I also believe that I am meant to go through what I’m experiencing. Today I’m asking myself “What can you learn from being uninspired and broke”? “When you no longer feel this way, will you be more aware of your position?” “When inspiration hits, will you truly value it?” “When you can no longer classify yourself as ‘broke’, will you take your abundance for granted?”

I appreciate the journey because I am assured that at the end of  it, I will have learned more from the process than I would’ve if I just achieved every goal without struggle. However, just because I appreciate the journey doesn’t mean that there aren’t moments when I’m frustrated by it. In these moments of frustration I have to take stock of who I am, what I have and what I want. I have to look back to where I came from and be grateful for the lessons I’ve already learned. Out of this season I’ve written blog posts, worked on my book, built meaningful relationships and noticed personal growth.

I’m uninspired and broke….but that’s only if you look at the glass as half empty. An optimist would say I’m creatively challenged and resourceful. I now have the opportunity to challenge myself in a new way. Driving my car until the gas light comes on is teaching me the value of warnings. This phase of my life is teaching me to work harder and do better. I’ll take uninspired if it births creativity and I’ll take broke if it produces a million-dollar idea. Don’t allow your current circumstance to determine your future ability. Don’t limit yourself to your present thinking process, dig deep and allow this discomfort to produce a better version of yourself.

Use this week to dispel all the negative thinking you’ve been doing about yourself.

Happy Self-Love Sunday!


Uninspired and Broke

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