Self-Care for this Twenty-Something

Happy Free-Thinking Friday beautiful human!!

On Fridays, I love writing about the various emotions and experiences that shaped my week.

My work week is usually heavy and long, so every Friday I give myself the space to allow thoughts to flow freely without judging them.

I’ll sit in front of paper and pen to simply write words, even if the words don’t create cohesive sentences.

On Fridays, I just am and in this space where I just “exist”, I feel a freedom I don’t usually experience during the work week.

Needless to say, Fridays are my favorite day of the week.

On this Free-Thinking Friday, please enjoy this short freeform poem I wrote last night.

To Me

Tonight, I realized I haven’t taken care of myself in a long time.

I did my makeup

I played my favorite album

I took a self-care shower *and closed the door so my pets couldn’t get in the bathroom

I shaved my legs

I ate cookies in bed

I snuggled my kitten

I told my body that I’m grateful for her and she thanked me

Thank you for choosing to read my words. Always know that you are loved. Have a great day!

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