The first time my words were used as a weapon against me I was 11 and getting over my first “break up”.

I convinced myself that my body wasn’t worthy of nourishment and when I finally mustered the courage to tell a friend of mine I was labeled “overdramatic”

I wonder if my mother believed drama held her daughter away from food for weeks.

I wonder if my mother held her hungry and frustrated daughter and thought “I pray this drama doesn’t kiss death”

To the girl who doesn’t feel safe behind her own words,

I will listen to you.

I wasn’t always gentle,

I wasn’t always understanding,

But life has made me more supple and soft.

I have learned to be my own safe space in hopes that one day you will feel the warmth of my hands on your tear-stained cheeks and know that this life is worth living.


Happy Free-Thinking Friday, please remember to be kind. Happy Suicide Prevention Month.

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