Imposter Syndrome

I’ve found myself in spaces I didn’t believe I deserved to occupy.

A wave usually washes over me and I begin to doubt myself and my own abilities.

But why?

There will be moments when you’re filled with doubt because “someone else should be here” or “You/I don’t have enough experience” or “You/I have never done anything like this before” or any of the other things you and I may tell ourselves.

Why is it that the negative thoughts seem to speak louder than the optimistic ones? To every, “I can’t” there should be an equally loud “I can”

If you believe someone else should be where you are then why aren’t they? Why is it that you have been given this unique opportunity? And even if you can’t figure out the why, the fact that you’re there should be enough. You are worthy even when your inner voice disagrees. Don’t allow your fear of success or failure to actually cause you to not be present and your best self.

If you believe you don’t have enough experience then put in the work, ask questions, do research, and affirm yourself along the way. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn and grow because of fear. Again, you are worthy even when your inner voice disagrees.

If you believe you don’t deserve to be in your position because you’ve never done anything similar to what you’re doing now remind yourself that everyone must begin somewhere. You are at the beginning of a journey that found shift your life. Allow yourself to be open-minded and tell fear to take a backseat. Prepare yourself for the journey ahead with pride and joy.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone!

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