Speak Life

Last week’s post was about the amazing opportunities I’ve been afforded this year, already. But what happens when you’re expected to do and be more than you’re ready for? What happens when the negative thoughts creep in and invalidate your work before you even begin? Three days ago, while I was walking to one of my offices I felt overwhelmed knowing what the day held for me. Instinctively I thought “I’m not made for two jobs”. The chorus of agreement I’m accustomed to hearing when I speak negatively fell silent and instead I thought,

“Well, why not? Why can’t I be all that everyone else believes I have the potential to be? Why must I crush the dreams I haven’t even given the opportunity to flourish? Why am I not deserving of this and more? Who says I can’t? And why do they say it?”

In that moment I didn’t have a sound response to any of the above questions so I decided that life won the battle that day. It made me realize that each day we choose to speak life, prosperity and positivity over ourselves or we choose to speak death, destruction and negativity.

Each day we choose a victor and that victor dictates our outlook. If we choose anything except life, we are choosing to lose each and every day. 90% of the battles in life are fought in our minds before we ever begin to walk/act in it.

You are enough simply because you are, no ifs ands or buts about it. You are the head and not the tail and victory is yours for the taking. It won’t be easy but you’ll never get there if all you manifest is negativity. I admonish you to speak life. You deserve it.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone

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