The Only Words I Have

Every Friday I enter with a gratitude to see the end.

I am full of hope and expectation.

I am almost finished a book.

I have worked out every day.

I am sore.

I am tired.

I am grateful.

I am ready to rest.

By Friday, it is common that the only words I have don’t make their way across my lips,

They dance behind my teeth, on the tip of my tongue.

I am full yet empty.

This Friday the only word I am filled with is “rest”.

I long for it, I strive after it, I wait for it.

Saturday I rest and

Sunday, I unwind and prepare to do it all over again.

I intentionally occupy every second of my week to protect the sanctity of my weekends.

I wear myself out so that I long for rest at the end.

Happy Free-Thinking Friday everyone! What word sits softly behind your lips today? What are you longing for?

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