The Subtlety of Self-Love

Self-Love is a victorious journey. A journey of persistence and perseverance. A daily fight, a life-long voyage. You are your own ruler. You are the motivator and the motivation.

Some days will be easier than others. Others will drain you completely. Some seasons will cost you less. Others will take all that you have. Breaking old habits and rebuilding as the best version of yourself is not an easy task. It is not a simple feat, and for this reason there will be times when you feel discouraged.

Doubting oneself is not uncommon nor is it the end of the road. It is simply part of the journey. During this journey, you may redefine “success” and “progress” as the vision of simple victories may seem far-fetched or unrealistic. On this platform, I’ve shared how the one on the journey is the only person who can mark the milestones for said journey.

Your Self-Love Journey won’t look like your sister’s journey. It won’t look like your brother’s journey. It may not even look like your soulmate’s journey. This journey is your own and at times that may be the hardest part. At times you may be the only one holding yourself accountable.

At the end of the day, you may not even see progress the way you expect to. For me, this journey has been extremely difficult but immeasurably rewarding. I’ve never done or experienced anything as rewarding as this journey. It’s impacted every single relationship in my life as well as my relationship with myself. From my experience, the results of this journey are shockingly subtle. It’s waking up one morning and realizing that you haven’t had an anxiety attack in months. It’s playing around in your mothers room and realizing you can do a headstand from all of those yoga classes you’ve fallen in love with.

Your Self-Love Journey may have results so subtle that you’re the only one cheering yourself on when you notice them. I’ve been going to yoga classes regularly since February. My favorite part is inversions because I get to push my body to it’s physical and mental limits. Every time we do headstands, I stop right as my feet leave the ground, fearing that I’m not capable of holding myself up. On Wednesday of last week, I propped my head between my hands and began to lift my legs up like I had done so many times before. This time, I told myself that since I was in front of a door, falling was acceptable and wouldn’t cause much pain or embarrassment. Moments later, I stretched out both legs, fully extending my body into a headstand. That is the subtlety of Self-Love, it is pushing yourself day in and day out until, on a whim or out of nowhere, you discover that victory is closer than it’s ever been before.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone! This journey is your own. Though it is extensive, difficult and even intense at times, it is worth it. I hope you see the subtlety in the journey. I hope you experience the victories you deserve.

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