Being Present

Happy Free-Thinking Friday & Happy International Yoga Day!!

This morning I woke up feeling sad, pained, overwhelmed, irritated and annoyed. I woke up with no awareness that today had the full potential of being a truly amazing day. Well it’s 2:26pm right now and I’m on my second glass of 16 fl oz of water (don’t judge me, I didn’t get out of bed until 1pm) and I just finished gobbling down a bowl of homemade steel-cut oats. I feel amazing (still pained and sad) but overwhelmingly grateful. At 1pm I decided to live purposefully today. I decided that in honor of National Yoga Day & the awful headache I have, I’ll practice my inversions instead of forcing myself to lift weights at the gym like my weekly schedule calls for.

I am grateful for yoga for allowing me a space to gain awareness of the fact that I normally don’t live in the present. I’m usually planning for tomorrow or worrying about yesterday. Thirty minutes to one hour of meditation allows me to decide that in those moments when it’s just me and my yoga mat nothing else matters. In those moments I can fail and when I do, I can get back up or I can lie there, appreciating the opportunity to experience failure. As I mentioned in The Subtlety of Self-Love, I have been going to yoga classes regularly since March but it wasn’t until one night, while paying around at home I realized that I could actually do a headstand. Ever since that moment, I’ve been practicing every chance I get. Trust me I’ve fallen and I’ve failed but it’s been amazing each and every time.

To practice being present I am going to turn this day into something I can be proud of. I tossed and turned all night into this morning. So when 6am came around I decided that I’d spend the day in bed; moping and resting but by 12:30 I realized that tomorrow isn’t promised so I’m sitting at my kitchen table, writing a post I didn’t plan on putting out and preparing to be extremely vulnerable and honest because I owe it to myself.

I will practice my headstand and I will most likely fall and fail but I will be made stronger because of it. If you’re like me, you know that there are moments when existing feels like the hardest thing to do but today, we have the remaining hours to make the best of. Allow yourself to be present and to be purposeful and to be aware and to experience success and failure with an open heart and an open mind.

Happy Free-Thinking Friday everyone!

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