Self-Love Hiatus

Happy Self-Love Sunday!

Honestly, I haven’t felt worthy of sharing Self-Love Sunday posts for a while.

I’ve felt heavy (this isn’t new), overwhelmed and undeserving.

I’ve had to sit back and ask myself a lot of hard questions.

I’ve been sabotaging my own growth for fear of the work ahead of me.

I’m filled with flaws and this scares me deeply.

Self-Love is the hard work, it is confronting your own indiscretions in the middle of an argument with someone else.

It is, apologizing for things no one ever called you out for.

It is, walking away from the spaces and people who harm you, purposefully or involuntarily.

It is, deciding to choose yourself, every single time.

Even when it means walking away from those who love you.

There is no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all method to Self-Love.

Deciding to embark on an unapologetic, unwavering journey to love yourself is a noble and complicated task.

So, I think the turning point for me was realizing how far I’ve come.

I found myself taking my growth for granted & that made me realize how unfair I’ve been to myself recently.

I’m no longer afraid of the silence, I can sit alone in the presence of my own thoughts and be at peace.

I’m unlearning behaviors that would be easy to live with but hard to stomach.



Please be gentle with yourself.

There is no blueprint to one’s Self-Love Journey.

Growth is growth, no matter how much change is made.

You aren’t who you used to be and you aren’t where you used to be and that in itself is enough cause for celebration.

Today, I choose myself and I choose those who prioritize my well-being enough to fight for me.

I’m coming back from my Self-Love Hiatus filled with a renewed sense of energy.

I’m excited for what’s ahead of me and I’m ready to forgive myself & move forward.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone! Please be gentle with yourself while on this journey.

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