Self-Love in Quarantine

Honestly, it was early on in this quarantine when I discovered that the shift was impacting the way I viewed myself and ultimately my productivity. I was caught up in a cycle of too little time, too much to do or too much time, too little energy.


To maintain my Self-Love Journey and find a balance to my new normal , I turned to my favorite pass-time, planning. Making schedules allows me to meet all my goals while still feeling accomplished and not overwhelmed. While making my schedule, I intentionally decided to dedicate my mornings to Self-Love and setting my daily intentions and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. In today’s Self-Love Sunday post, I’m sharing the morning routine that has made a huge difference in the way I’ve viewed this quarantine.


7:00-Wake up

7:20-7:50- Worship/Devotion & Morning Stretch

7:50-8:15- Drink 16 ounces of water and listen to “I AM” Affirmations while making my bed

8:20-8:45- Let my puppy out and go on a morning run

9:00-9:30- Breakfast

9:30-10:00- Get Dressed and Ready for the Day

10:00-12:00- First Work Block (homework, research, remote office hours)

12:30-1:30- Snack Time and First Break (probably will take puppy on a walk)

1:30-3:30- Second Work Block

3:45-4:45- Second Full Meal

5:00-7:00- Watch Netflix, Anime or Listen to music and give puppy belly rubs

7:30-8:30- Third Full Meal

8:30-11:00- Night Routine


This is the routine that has worked for me, take from it what you need. This new season has been difficult to adjust to it but continuing my Self-Love Journey while in Quarantine has been one of the only things that have kept me centered.


Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone! Please make the most of every single day! Love yourself, you deserve it.

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