The Need for Affirmations

Happy Self-Love Sunday!

Today I want to remind you that you are deserving of love and respect. I also want to remind you that there will be moments when you may be the only source of these sacred entities. Protecting your space and energy may mean walking away from things that used to feed you because you’re now in a place where those same things take and don’t give the way they used to.

I’m learning that with each season there are lessons to be learned. People who comforted and supported you during tough times a year ago may not serve in that same capacity when the going gets tough this time around. I’m also learning that someone else’s inability to always serve in the same capacity in my life does not dictate my worthiness of love or respect. I’m learning that the seasons in my life aren’t always in congruence with those around me. There will be times when my greatest support systems will not be able to give the way they did before because they need that same support. There will be seasons when my inability to give to those I love may paint me as selfish and inconsistent and vice versa. So, I’m learning that because I’m worthy of love and respect, being able to provide these things for myself is my greatest and most important task.

Cynicism and negativity follow those who do not feel fulfilled or full. Their emptiness rears it’s ugly head everytime they interact with others. Through my Self-Love Journey I’ve been able to find the things that feed me. These things make me feel full and fulfilled by serving as gateways to introspection and energy cleansers. These habits help me clear my mind, push my body to it’s limit and realign my energy. I fell in love with yoga and weight lifting. I added outdoor meditation along with drinking 72oz of water to my daily routine and I was satisfied knowing exactly what made me feel fulfilled.

During seasons when the things that feed you don’t seem to have enough space, you must work very hard to remember our worthiness. You and I are ALWAYS worthy of love, good energy, respect and peace. When life gets too busy and we are struggling to make space for ourselves, daily affirmations may be the only way we can remind ourselves of our importance and worthiness. When our daily routines shift to rushing and overworking ourselves we must find ways to  still give ourselves the love and respect we deserve. Daily affirmations allow our morning and night routines to become sacred moments when we remind ourselves of our strength, truth, worthiness and beauty. I encourage you to wake up each morning and say “I am grateful to be alive because I am full, I am enough, I worthy, and I am strong.” Then before bed, repeat this same ritual. When we remind ourselves of these things every morning and night we set ourselves up to have a successful day and also cleanse ourselves of any bad energy that may have made its way into our space during the day.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone!

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