Unrequited Love and Such

I found a note in my phone from January 14, 2016. I don’t quite remember what situation I was writing about but I still resonate with the words of my 19 year-old self. I hope these words speak to you the way they spoke to me today.

The note reads:

I’ve never feared losing someone i gave the deepest part of my soul to even if it seems that i gave too easily or to the wrong person. I’ve always felt that if that person is meant to be in your life then they will be and though circumstances may separate you from them or you may feel like you lost them or they lost you, you should always be glad that you gave them all of you because in doing so you learned to love yourself enough to openly share the deepest parts of your soul. And if the person you shared with doesn’t turn out to be any good? Then you learn from your mistakes and learn to look for the warning signs of a soul unworthy of your secrets.

I did not do a lot of editing to the original note. I purposely left the words the way they were when I found them because I think there’s beauty in the rawness of the speakers voice. She is young and has experienced love and loss. She knows there is much for her to learn but she is certain about her stance on the intricacies of love.

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