Two Poems, One Author

On April 8, 2019 I wrote:

“Must I be covered in stickers shouting “fragile!!” Simply to be handled with care?”


On April 18, exactly 10 days later, I reread that poem and responded with this poem:

“I am breaking and re-building on a daily basis. I am storm and thunder. I am calm and quiet. I am becoming exactly who I’ve always wanted to be and it is the most painful process of all.

Do you know what it feels like to break down every single thing you’ve ever known or believed and ask yourself “why?” And “what value does this hold?”

I find myself clinging on to familiar belief systems, only to find my hands covered in blood upon release. I am a Phoenix. I am fire yet I refuse to burn. I am strength simply because each day I am and still choose to be. I am enough simply because I am my own standard of perfection. I am full of everything I’ve worked hard to possess. I am brimming with passion, hope and dreams. I align myself with all that is for me and ask the universe to return the favor.

Fragility is my strong-suit. Treat me with care if you please. I’m learning to rebuild myself anyways. You are only preparing me for indestructibility.”


I am both the saddened woman who wrote the first poem and the empowered woman who wrote the second. Maybe tomorrow I’ll respond to the second poem with another take on my position in life.

Embrace every angle of who you are and explore every inch of who you’re becoming.

Happy Free-Thinking Friday everyone!

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