Self-Love This Week

What Self-Love meant to me this week:

Self-Love is choosing not to harbor anger.

Self-Love is handling massive amounts of trauma in bite-sized pieces.

Self-Love is waking up and existing.

Self-Love is deciding not to argue.

Self-Love is apologizing when you’re wrong.

Self-Love is forgiving yourself despite the decisions others make to forgive you or not.

Self-Love is looking resentment in the face and letting love win.

Self-Love is allowing those who don’t know how to love you yet, love you in the way they know how.

Self-Love is not holding it against them.

Self-Love is loving them despite their insufficiencies.

Self-Love is doing all of this when you’re ready.

There is no rush in your journey.

You are allowed to love or not to love.

You are allowed to learn at your own pace.

& Those who hurt you are not allowed to dictate your healing process.

You are allowed to not be okay, yet.

Self-Love isn’t one size-fit all.

This week I’ve learned so much about myself and this journey through Self-Love. I’m grateful for every step and what may seem like a misstep.

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