Another Friday

It’s Friday.

It’s Friday and I’m exhausted.

It’s Friday and I know the weekend will be busy so I’m fearful.

It’s Friday and all I want to do is curl up in my bed and watch Harry Potter.

It’s Friday and I’m on a bus heading to a state 4 hours from my bed.

It’s Friday and I’m hopeful that one day I will shape all the Fridays in my life so that they end with movies and blankets.

I will fill my future with the guarantee of long naps on Fridays and restful weekends.

I believe I can create this future that I so desperately desire.

But here I am, on this bus…again.

With every passing second I feel the straining of my precious relationship with my own bed.

But at the same time,

It’s Friday and I have “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” on audiobook so I’ll make due with what I have.

So as I sit under this blanket with headphones perched on my head, listening to this book and fantasizing about the perfect Friday, I am grateful for the 24 hours I was given today.

Happy Free-Thinking Friday everyone!!

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