Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love

Happy Self-Love Sunday! I’m definitely not a fan of the oversimplification of Self-Love that totes the narrative “just put on a face mask”, or “a pedicure will solve all of your problems”, however I don’t ever want to ignore the fact that little changes in your daily life (over time) can make a huge shift in your Self-Love Journey.

Here are a few simple ways that you can

1. Start your Self-Love Journey

2. Make yourself feel good after a taxing day


3. Remind yourself that you’re worthy of genuine love:

Taking a one hour study break.

Spending an extra 10 minutes in the shower.

Walking away from unhealthy conversations.

Saying “no” to things that drain your energy.

Saying “no” to old habits that inhibit your growth.

Saying “no” when it’s in your best interest.

Listening to uplifting podcasts or music.

Expressing yourself through art.

Saying yes to yourself.

Saying yes to yourself.

Saying yes to yourself.

Meditating on positivity every morning.

Being grateful for growth every night.

Calling that person.

Verbally affirming yourself.

Practicing patience with yourself and your loved ones.

Happy Self-Love Sunday! Have a great week! You deserve it!

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