Anxiety and Depression


When she goes out she puts on her big girl heels,

She wears dresses that hug her curves just the right way.

She paints her face, lips colorful, smoky eye.

Her hair is perfectly curled.

She is making herself irresistible.

She wants him to fall in love the second he sees her.

When he goes out he wears his favorite suit, pinstripes, bow tie, lapel and pocket square

Fresh cut…he’s making himself irresistible.

He wants her to fall in love the second she sees him.

When they meet up they’re fire and ice.

When they go out, they burn down the town.

They’re unstoppable.

Like light and dark liquor, when mixed they cause havoc.

They love being together because they know they are the cause of roller coasters and fireworks.

Explosive is an understatement.

She has a bad habit of making every room feel like the smallest room in the world with all of humanity stuffed inside it.

He has a bad habit of making everyone in the room feel alone.

When they go out, the world trembles.

My world trembles.

Her mother named her Anxiety

and he goes by Depression.

Every now and again, they dance their selfish jig around my world.

They dress up and go out to kill my mood.

They have this volatile, unstoppable love affair…. I often third wheel in despair,

Watching and learning about intense attachment.

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