Why can’t we just hit pause?

Why can’t we just fast forward past the trauma?

Why can’t we just erase the memories that hold us back from healing?

I’m still unlearning the definitions of “love” that make it synonymous to “shrinking”.

It’s so much easier to ignore the parts of myself that are still broken, and constantly complain about the unfairness of life

Than it is to handle my pain head on, feel it, validate it and begin the healing process

While being fully aware that this process is so much easier in theory.

Self-Love is so complex

That I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning how to love myself better.

I will constantly find new ways to forgive and accept myself.

This is Self-Love.

This is a woman learning to love the parts of herself that haven’t been whole since she was a girl.

This is a journey no one ever prepared me for.

This is painful yet rewarding.

It brings me to the edge of myself and forces me to hold myself accountable for how my past actions have brought me to my present self.

Nevertheless, it allows me to forgive and love myself in a way I never would’ve been able to before.

What has learning to love yourself taught you about life, love and others?

Happy Self-Love Sunday! Have an amazing and beautiful week, you deserve it!

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