An Open Letter to My Younger Self

This post is inspired by this poem I wrote:

“I’m not the most eloquent, pretty or funny but I know I’m worth more than the pennies you threw at me wishing I’d transform into a princess.

And I’m no Cinderella. I know this because more times than not, no one goes looking for me. The shoe never fits. I don’t need to be saved.”

This poem made me realize that if I could go back in time I’d tell myself these things:

You were never a wishing well,

Or a magic genie of sorts.

You’ve always been so full of life, even if you were only pretending.

Your version of reality has always been a lot more beautiful than the truth.

Your mind has always been full of endless possibilities and dreams.

I’m glad you never lost the fire in your belly,

The same fire that burns up all the butterflies.

I pray you always remember to stay light

Don’t be afraid to unshackle your feet.

If he/she brings you down…leave them where they are.

You know heavy

Your mind takes you there often

You don’t need any more lead in your shoes.

Pick up the pennies,

Use them to bring yourself luck and make all the wishes your heart desires.

Keep falling in love with the moon every time you see it glowing above

You are more than wishing well

You are more than magic genie

I have always loved you…even if I didn’t show it.

I finally got rid of the lump that used to sit in the back of your throat.

It turns out it was from all the words you kept captive behind your tongue.

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