Your Time is Now

I once read a story about a band that performed in a pub every night. The band was passionate about their music but repetition can shift something from being entertaining and captivating to utterly boring. One night the pub was empty except for a man sitting in the back alone. The band contemplated whether it was even worth it to perform that night and after a few minutes of discussion they decided to go through with their performance despite the mostly empty pub. They performed their hearts out and left everything they had on the stage. The man in the back clapped his hands wildly the drummer wiped the sweat from his brow and the lead singer took a deep breath. This was their best performance yet. The man came forward and introduced himself and the band gasped. The man who was sitting in the back was a well-known producer who just happened to be in town. The band realized that their performance would spring-board them to the careers of their dreams.

This story taught me that it doesn’t matter how many people are watching, your best is the only acceptable form of expression. All you can give is your best. Your own idea of when you should “make it” or receive the credit you desire is not always aligned with what will actually happen. The best success stories are the ones by people who never stopped giving their all despite their circumstances. Eric Thomas (a well known motivational speaker) took 12 years to graduate from college. Tyler Perry (an actor, director and playwright) and Tiffany Haddish (an actress and comedian) were both homeless. You cannot measure your own success by a standard that doesn’t force you to give your best every time you are given the opportunity to express yourself.  Very few people see the journey before you “make it” (whatever that means to you). Don’t watch your follower count or cringe every time you post a video or blog and only get a few likes. Grind, and keep grinding like no one is watching or maybe….grind like everyone’s watching. Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet. I’d hate for the opportunity to present itself and you find that you’ve been stalling on the preparation aspect. You’re responsible for determining your own success. Step into it no matter how long it takes you to get there.

Happy Self-Love Sunday! I’m grinding like there’s no tomorrow! What are you doing to further your dreams??

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