A Million Thank-Yous

A million thank-yous.

On Monday, I was clearing out my email’s inbox folder. I was reading emails I had overlooked when  I realized that I had missed an email from a volunteer at the Birmingham Arts Journal. I opened the email and I was delighted to learn that a short story I wrote had been selected to be in the summer edition of the Birmingham Arts Journal. I almost wept. I almost wept a million tears as I stood by my coworker’s desk and read the email again. That moment was such a full circle moment. I’m a math major for crying out loud. I’ve always loved English and Writing but it’s only been a passion and not a priority. As I stood there, overwhelmed with emotions, I realized that I want to spend the rest of my life writing, feeling and touching people with my words. People told me that the short story was good but I submitted it without expectation at all. This accomplishment is driving me to work harder and smarter. This past Sunday, on my blog I wrote about the importance of always giving your best (https://brianasymone.com/2018/07/23/your-time-is-now/). I am going to keep giving and giving until I have nothing left to give. This year I’m going to work hard to accomplish all of my goals. I will not let anyone, myself included, stop me from achieving and being my best self.

A Million Thank-Yous to my mother and father.

My mother was my first teacher.

She always used big words.

I was never allowed to say “pee” it was always “urinate” (I think that says a lot about my childhood)

A Million Thank-Yous to my late grandfather.

My grandfather was my first English teacher.

I called him every morning on the way to school for assistance on my English and Grammar homework

A Million Thank-Yous to every teacher who ever believed in me.

A Million Thank-Yous to my family—my greatest support system.

I love you all and you love me.

Every success I experience is also yours.

I want to be a good example for those who come after me.

I want to make you guys proud the same way your successes make me proud.

A Million Thank-Yous to my friends—many of you make up my extended family.

Your love and warmth motivates me to grow and be a better version of myself daily.

On this Self-Love Sunday I want to point out the importance of learning from your own successes. It is essential to step away from every moment and ask yourself, “how does this define me?” I have failed many times and those failures lead me to the moment when I felt proud of my words and the time I dedicated to improving my craft. I am reminded that I have so much to learn in order to become who I want to be. However, I’m taking time to be grateful for every opportunity I’m afforded. I’m also taking time to pat myself on the back and I’m using this as fuel to write more AND write better.

Happy Self-Love Sunday! What are you learning from your successes? If you don’t feel successful, what are you learning from your failures?

2 thoughts on “A Million Thank-Yous

  1. Thank you for always inspiring me. Thank you for taking the time to thank me. I want to thank you for being an amazing daughter and friend. You teach me so much each and everyday. Continue to write as if there is nothing else to do but write. Your grandpa would be sooo proud! We are sooo proud!!! Love you Buhle..


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