Fighting to Hold On To Childhood Wonder

Happy Free-Thinking Friday everyone!

This Friday I wanted to share a poem that I wrote a few months ago. I wrote this poem during a road trip with my family. Our car stopped at a red light and as always, I looked out of the window. When I turned my head, the joy on a little girl’s face caught my attention. There was a little brown girl in the car next to mine and she was entirely fascinated with what she was doing inside the car, as if nothing else in the world mattered. It made me think of my own childhood and how beautiful the simple things used to be. I think sometimes we grow up and we forget to fall in love with the little things. We stop picking honeysuckles from fields and wrapping dandelions around strands of our hair. Yes, growing up is necessary but sometimes we pair growth with the loss of dreams, wonder, excitement and joy. I often think about, what life would be like if everyone felt more? What if we all just held our breath a little longer, valued every second a little more and worked hard to never give up on building sand castles?

The little brown girl presses her face against the cold glass window.

As if to escape.

As if it’s chill could somehow release her from the reality she faces on the inside of the car.

She leans back into the car, satisfied with herself.

Drawing hearts on the glass, she remembers fairytales of love lost, hidden and earned.

She longs to love but will be satisfied with pressing her lips to the cold glass window, for now.


This weekend I’ve decided to do things that remind me just how beautiful life is and I’m encouraging you to do the same. Reconnect with that childhood wonder…hold on to it and never let it go. Happy Free-Thinking Friday! I’ll see you on Sunday!

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