Becoming a Home Worth Returning To

I saw a quote today that said, “stay with someone who feels like home” and I couldn’t help but chuckle. I worked hard to claw my way back here. I know making homes out of foreign bodies. I’ve made homes out of men who didn’t have the capacity to offer themselves as temporary shelters. When I read the quote, my immediate response was, “but I am home”. A year ago I would’ve shared the short quote & maybe even commented about how feeling like home is an indicator of love but today I know better.

I have made myself home so I never worry about returning here. I am safe so I never worry about escaping the only person I have to tolerate my entire life, myself.

On this Self-Love Sunday, I hope you’re a safe place, a home worth returning to and if you aren’t, I have a few suggestions for your journey to becoming all the things you deserve.

1. Spend time with yourself, even if it is uncomfortable at first. Take a hike without headphones, sit in silence in the morning, journal, meditate.

2. Seek assistance from a professional. The ability to do this IS a privilege so here is a link to a blog post full of suggestions for options if obtaining assistance is difficult:

3. Be patient with yourself, the journey to becoming a safe space especially if you’re coming from a space of negativity and self-loathing can be long and difficult but you deserve patience and grace each day.

Happy Self-Love Sunday beautiful human, worthy individual. Have an amazing week

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