Combatting SAD

For years, I’ve noticed my body’s natural reaction to the season’s transition from warm to cold.

As the days feel shorter and the sun sets earlier, my body, without my permission, decides that the necessary reaction is sadness.

My journey through life is teaching me the importance of listening to my body and responding with kindness and patience.

When the days began to shorten, I had to give myself the space to adjust.

During the process it was hard not to think, “what’s wrong with me, why am I so sad?” But again, patience and kindness is necessary.

On top of the patience and kindness I afforded myself, I made a few necessary adjustments to assist me further.

If you’ve experienced Seasonal Affective Disorder which makes seasonal transitions and colder months more difficult to handle, remember you aren’t alone.

Please be patient and kind simply because you deserve it.

About a week after sleeping for 9-12 hours each light and feeling sad and overwhelmed during the day I realized what was happening and I decided to switch a few things around in hopes that these changes would breed healthy and helpful results.

To assist in making my experience a little easier I bought a light therapy lamp/alarm, I added morning and night time meditation back into my daily routine and for about a week I decided to only workout if I was mentally available to do so.

I don’t know what will assist you in this time, if you’re combatting SAD or any other difficult experience but I do want to remind you that you are deserving of the good that’s on the other side, you are worthy of joy and happiness so please don’t give up on searching for these things.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone

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