I’ve been Coping

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here for many reasons.

My heart has been heavy and my mind has been clouded with emotions that I’m sure many others have been feeling during these crazy times.

I stepped away from posting because I wanted to take the time to cope and process without external pressures.

One of my least favorite emotions is anger and I can honestly say I was very angry a few months ago.

The break I took from posting allowed me to guard my heart. Sunday, I will share more on the importance of guarding your heart but the purpose of today’s post is to share the habits I’ve developed over the past few months to help me stay grounded.

Below are a few things I’ve added to my daily regime:

  1. I started writing in a dream journal. I think there is untapped wisdom in our sub-conscience that we may not truly tap into until we fully submit, listen and receive. Honestly, sometimes that only occurs during sleep.
  2. I’ve added daily meditation to my routine and it’s extremely beneficial. When life is busy and overwhelming, 5-10 minutes of allowing myself to feel and process each day gives me the space to experience my emotions AS I am feeling them instead of trying to revisit them at a later time.
  3. I’ve been intentional about listening to my body. Some nights I sleep for 12 hours, some nights I sleep for 5 hours but each morning I rise with gratitude because I am grateful for the opportunity to be in tune with and respect my own needs.
  4. I try my best to do a yoga flow before I leave the room. My morning routine is extremely strange because I spend 2 hours in my room after waking up because I do a lot in an effort to set my intention for the day. I like to have worship, do yoga, meditate, drink 20 ounces of water and make my bed all before leaving my room.
  5. Finally, I’ve been walking two miles with my puppy, Harlow, every afternoon so that she and I both have something to look forward to.

Those are the things that worked for me, at this point in my journey through life, self-discovery, forgiveness, self-love, healing etc,.

Thanks for tuning in. Please take what you need from this post, I hope it resonated with you in some way. I’m sending positivity your way & if you’re still in the midst of a difficult season, I hope you’re being patient with yourself and allowing your journey to lead you where you need to be.

Happy Free-Thinking Friday!

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