My mother’s hands have taught me an awful lot about Self-Love.

The warmth of my abuelita’s palms have taught me the importance of perseverance.

When I was younger my god-mother used to sing her interpretation of opera music with the straightest face and the most bodacious body language, arms flailing passionately. But her hands always returned to her heart during the emotional passages.

I’ve learned how to say “I love you” from the fullness of my aunt’s embrace.

Being held by a woman who knows the power in her own hands is life-altering.

Whenever I cry, my mother still beckons me near until I’m close enough for her to wipe the tears from my eyes.

Warm palms, soft hands and strong women have shaped my entire existence.

Dear Mom, Abuelita, God-mom, and Auntie,

Thank you for teaching me what words could never say.

Thank you for bringing God down to earth every time we embraced.

My Self-Love journey is shaped by the memories I had to pull from to stay strong

And you four dance around my memories reminding me to be full of life, beauty and grace.

Thank you for your strength, perseverance, faith and fearlessness.

Your hands have taught me more than you’ll ever know.

Happy Self-Love Sunday everyone! Don’t forget to be grateful for the women in your life. Learn all you can from them and love them deeply.

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