The Letter I’ve Needed to Read

Happy Self-Love Sunday. This is an open letter to myself, I hope you can resonate with some of these words. My Self-Love journey has taught me the importance of making mistakes and allowing them to teach you. I’ve failed more in the past year than I have during any season prior. However, I’m growing and for this reason, I’m extremely hopeful and encouraged.

Dear Briana,

I’m sorry. I’ve been ignoring the signs. I’ve been suppressing the emotions. I’ve been going through the motions. I’ve been neglecting your mental health. I’ve painted “out of sight out of mind” as the perfect escape, but now I realize it was only a mirage. You deserve better than what I’ve been giving you. You’re so much stronger than I’ve allowed you to be. I’ve been starving you, and for that reason I’m immensely sorry. All of your feelings are valid even when I tell you you don’t have time to feel them. I’m sorry for not letting you cry. I’m sorry I haven’t been loving you the right way. You are so much more beautiful than I’ve allowed you to believe. We’re going to have to work very hard to get back to where we need to be. If you let me, I’ll rewrite your belief system, I’ll shift your perspective, & I’ll change your prayer life. I can’t survive without you. I love you, I’m sorry. Please allow me to make it up to you.



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