The Angry Black Woman

The angry black woman slept for three hours last night.

She can’t remember the last time she had 8 full hours of sleep.

Anxiety keeps her up.

She prayed as soon as she opened her eyes this morning.

She prayed for patience, her loved ones,  and peace.

It’s 5am and she’s being tested.

She smiles at the people around her.

She already wants the day to end.

She feels an anger deep within her, it’s deeply rooted and has to be pruned regularly.

She has an appointment with a counselor, she actively reads the Bible and prays daily.

She’s aware of her anger and is working to address it.

The angry black woman has a million and one things to do today.

She has two jobs and too many extra-curricular activities.

Someone is always mad that she can’t be in three places at once,

But she’d do anything for the people in her life.

Sometimes when she isn’t paying attention she slips up

And reveals the anger that is deep within her.

It isn’t intentional.

But now she is labeled.

She already knew she was an angry black woman

But it sounds different falling from their lips.

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