Words that Make Me Feel

This Free-Thinking Friday I wanted to share some of my favorites lines from a book I just finished reading. So here are some lines from Donte Collins’ Autopsy, a book I took months to read not because of its length but because I wanted to experience it just as much as I wanted to read it.

The italicized lines are my response to the poem ‘depression

Here we go:

“do you still perform autopsies on conversations you’ve had lives ago?”

“first kisses were a lot like gut laughter everything was funnier when you weren’t supposed to smile.”

“i bet if they knew we hid beneath the bridges they built they would tear those down too. they would tell us kids to grow up like high rises through minority roofs. we were minorities proof.”


rakes the night sky of its stars, keeps them as leverage, as bulb-less lamps in the basement of me, i am alive if alive means to be a moth caught in the hands of some childish grief.”

Depression is knowing that light can be produced within you–you have the capacity, and sometimes even the will but no means to do so. It is living without having life within you. Depression is desperately desiring to be a source of light, sometimes simply for your own sanity, but having no way to do so.

Happy Free-Thinking Friday. I’m currently reading Helium by Rudy Francisco and it’s truly an amazing experience. I haven’t been able to read it without reciting the poems aloud and writing in between the pages.

Have you checked out my post, How Do You Read? The post lists what I need for an enjoyable reading experience, touches on the importance of reading and expresses how frequent reading can improve your life.

Happy Free-Thinking Friday!

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