Self-Love Ain’t Easy

I think sometimes we find ourselves trying to put band-aids on open wounds when we really need stitches…


Self-Love Ain’t Easy

Self-Love is more than bubble bath.

It’s more than facial, foot massage and make-over.

Self-Love is deep and life-changing.

It’s not always sweet smelling and comforting.

It can be hard.

It can be gut-wrenching.

It can be earth-shattering.

It can look like the slow healing of the cuts on your skin,

The shattering of every single mirror that has ever called you ugly,

The shiver when you forget to pack the blanket you knew you needed,

The realization that you’ve been running on E for way too many miles.

It’s not always cupcakes and manicures.

It’s saying “goodbye” to the people who do not respect your peace.

It’s learning to say “no” to the environments that break you down.

It’s backing away from toxicity.

It’s realizing that you are toxic.

It’s purging yourself.

Get. The. Poison. Out.

It’s looking in the mirror and seeing your flaws.

It’s realizing that you’re in control of your own life.

It’s acknowledging that you’re more powerful than you ever imagined.

It’s learning and unlearning.

It’s crawling no matter how much you want to fly.

On your belly.

You must first be ‘caterpillar’ before ‘butterfly’

It’s accepting your position and the growth you have ahead.

There will be growing pains.

Those. Are. Inevitable.

It can be “Death of Old Self”

Don’t assume Self-Love is easy.

But more than anything,

No matter how hard it gets,

Don’t ever stop loving.



Happy Self-Love Sunday. This week, figure out what you need and then don’t deprive yourself of that. Self-Love is being aware of your own deficiencies and being able to say,  “I will step out of myself to save myself”. If you know you’re dealing with things that you can no longer handle on your own, reach out to someone, a therapist, a friend, a parent, a teacher. Seek out what you need to survive. I appreciate your existence and I’m glad you’ve made it this far. Self-Love ain’t easy, but no one said it has to be.



See you on Friday!

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