Notes To Self

These are notes and reminders that I’ve written to myself when I needed reassurance, encouragement or a quick reality check. On this Free-Thinking Friday take what you need, spread positivity and remind yourself of your own fragility.


Love yourself.



Love yourself.



2. Fail. Please fail and then learn from it and become a better person because of it.

3. Patience is essential.


It’s okay to:




5. Breathe…you don’t have to do it all the time but please do it enough to stay alive

6. It’s okay to be under water.

7. When you get tired of floating don’t fall in love with the idea of sinking.

8. Don’t stop moving

9. Be more intentional about being happy every day of the week and watch the days begin to love you as much as you learn to love them.

10. Define the words you use…Ask yourself, “Is this word worthy of my voice?”

11. Share more of yourself with those who desperately await your new birth

12. It’s interesting that when butterflies first emerge from the chrysalis they aren’t yet ready to fly. It reminds me that the existence of wings does not determine the functionality of them. Realize what stage you’re in…be patient with yourself. Allow blood to pump into your wings before you try to fly. And once you begin to fly, accept that you may not be good at it. Butterflies need 3-4 hours before they have mastered flying…give yourself time


I am art. I create art.

I am light. I exude light.

14. The first step in learning how to love is defining “love” itself

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