Things you feel/hear/smell/taste/touch that can change your life

Experiences that can alter your life occur on a daily basis. If the ocean kisses your toes just right you can decide, in that moment, to never allow stress to overwhelm you again. Or maybe if you sit under the sun long enough its gentle warmth could teach you how to love. The subtlety of life lessons always amazes me. Here are 40 things I’ve experienced that I’ve allowed to change my life.

1) Flowers

2) Icecream

3) Hugs

4) Tears

5) Ocean Air

6) Heartbreak

7) Extreme Pain

8) My own blood

9) Stepping on a lego

10) The warmth of the sun

11) Riding a roller coaster

12) Mastering a jump kick

13) Wet Toes in a Canoe

14) Panic Attacks

15) A warm hammock under my body

16) Chlorine Water

17) Salt by Nayyirah Waheed

18) Paella

19) A Fire

20) Love

21) Oatmeal

22) Paint

23) A Stuffed Animal

24) The Common Cold

24) Prayer

25) A Car Accident

26) Glitter

27) The Death of a Loved One

28) Because of a Woman by Malanda Jean-Claude

29) A Dance Routine

30) The Warmth of Some Else’s Skin

31) The Pain in your Eyes

32) Cake

33) “The Breakfast Club” (the 1985 film)

34) Falling

35) Getting Back Up

36) Watching Marriages Fall Apart

37) Cold Glass Windows

38) Depression

39) A Bumpy Flight

40) European Chocolate

There are many things/experiences in your life that have the potential for shifting your perspective or changing your life completely but often times we find ourselves stuck in the whirlwind of life just going and going without ever stopping to smell the roses or get our feet wet. Next week I want you to make note of everything that you see/hear/touch/smell/taste that is significant and I want you to allow it to act as a catalyst for your growth. If you’re striving to be better today than you were yesterday then smelling the roses is necessary…it could end up giving you a greater appreciation for your own life.

Thanks for joining me and Happy Free-Thinking Friday!! I’ll see you on Self-Love Sunday!

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