Storage Units

We, as humans, have a bad habit of holding on to junk we’ll never use. We fill storage units to the ceiling with boxes we’ll never open again. Why are we so afraid to let go?  This trend is present in every arena of life. We hold on to relationships years past their expiration date and allow them to sit in the fridge of life making us sick with every interaction. Let it go. The fact of the matter is…there are always signs,

some blaring and flashing in neon lights

some subtle and easily misinterpreted.

In the same way that the curdled milk reveals its age in texture and smell, you can often feel when a space is no longer conducive for your own growth.

Can you still breathe freely? Do you have room to stretch?

If you’re suffocating or find yourself shrinking to fit into spaces maybe its time to let go….

Don’t inhibit your own growth trying to fit into spaces too small for you, your energy, your dreams, and your goals. Let it go.

Allow yourself space to grow. Often when we find ourselves stuck it is because we are afraid to let go of old security blankets. Really think about it…are you holding on to anything that is, instead of  bringing you comfort, acting as a weight clamped to your ankles? If the answer is yes…What are you going to do about it today?

Some things I’ve learned about growing and learning is that

  1. Not every plan is good and practical
  2. Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’s meant to work for you in the same way (Create your own path)
  3. Choosing not to learn from your failure is self-destructive

Now I have a question for you:

What will you do with all the things you have in your storage units?

Today is a day for clearing out and cleaning up. If there are things you’re holding onto that are weighing you down, work on mastering the art of letting go.

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