Life is Short

I’ve often found myself in need of a good book, an old movie, or quiet time to myself. Life has a way of revealing the necessity of coping mechanisms. I’ve found that I need to set aside time for myself to decompress every single week. On this platform, Sunday is Self-Love Sunday where I’ll explore different aspects of Self-Love and its importance in my life and the lives of the people around me. Friday is Free-Thinking Friday which is my opportunity to share poems, short stories and anything else that has been on my mind. This Free-Thinking Friday I’d like to finish the sentence “Life is short…” and I encourage you to do the same.


“Life is short…”

Life is short so I’ll sit in the sun

Smell the ocean, feel the warmth on my skin,

I’ll take a dip, maybe even swim


They say, “life is short”

So I’ll remember this phrase

When pain overwhelms me and darkens my days


Life is short, this must be true

But how short is it to those whose lives are taken too soon?


Life is short so take it easy my dear

Don’t allow the stress of life to make your soul fear


You can be everything you’ve ever dreamed

If you allow your dreams to alter your reality


When the days feel too long and you’re convinced you aren’t strong

Remember that life is short




When life is moving too fast and you can’t count the days before they pass

Remember that life is short




There’s something about being twenty-something that leaves room for fear and doubt. Fear that we aren’t good enough, fear that we won’t be successful, fear that our dreams are unattainable. Whatever your fear is, think about it as you look in the mirror and say, “Life is short so I won’t let you slow me down”.


Thanks for joining me this week! See you on Sunday

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