Come along with me

The Introvert’s Escape Maneuver is my “excuse me” every time I leave a room because my social battery is dead. It is my premature “it was great seeing you again”. It is my awkward smile every time I don’t know what to say or how to handle the situation at hand. It is my response every time someone asks a question like “are you always this quiet?” or “do you act like this around your friends?”


How does one even answer these questions?


Here is my first and final attempt to do so:

I’m quiet because

  1. I just met you
  2. You haven’t allowed me an opportunity to speak
  3. I still haven’t figured out whether I want to be here or not
  4. You make me uncomfortable
  5. I wish I was at home

But at the end of the day, what’s it to you?



If you’re asking me if I act this way around my friends then you are indirectly implying that our relationship has yet to develop into a friendship so please refer to points a-e.


The Introvert’s Escape Maneuver was birthed during one of my many awkward encounters with human beings. I was walking through a library to meet a classmate to study for a test and they said that they’d be in a certain part of the library but once I arrived, I realized that they weren’t there. As I made my way through the library my heart began to pound, I pulled out my phone to avoid having a panic attack and then I rushed into the bathroom. I stood in a stall and texted my classmate “Where are you?” as I caught my breath. Then I typed these words into the notes app on my phone

“The Introvert’s Escape Room.

Do you ever wonder why I look for exits every time we go out?”


The Introvert’s Escape Maneuver is my way of acknowledging that I am on a journey to master the art of being charming, confident, and graceful—at the same time. Life is a journey and I’m excited to experience progress and growth. So here we are at the cusp of a new stage in my life. I’m excited and more than anything I want to share this with anyone who will come along with me.


The goal of this space is to serve as a spring board for my creative journey and a source of positivity and encouragement to others. Come along with me! Let’s laugh, cry, grow and learn together!



4 thoughts on “Come along with me

  1. Extroverts always assume there is something wrong with introverts. Nothing is wrong. And it is OK, to be more observational, and less… dominating. I am the only introvert in my family. No one ever took the time to understand or learn why. I was labeled shy, and that was that. And it was made clear to me, that was a defect of some kind. I was so happy when I started blogging and following fellow artists. And learned that so many artists are introverts in some way. I found my peeps, LOL.
    Happy blogging to you! 🙂

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    1. Happy Blogging to you too! The first time I ever felt “seen” was when I took a personality test and realized that I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t just “quiet” and “shy” but I’m also words with a more positive connotation like “ intuitive” and “aware”. It’s great to know that you aren’t alone!


  2. You definitely aren’t alone. After I locate an entrance, the first thing I look for is an exit within reasonable proximity =P. Hey, you never know! Thanks for sharing your writing outlet – I really enjoy your stuff so far.

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